Thursday, August 28, 2014


So am I supposed to fight that demon like right out of the tutorial because that seems like the only way I can go at this point

Are you talking about when you first encounter him when he drops from the ceiling or when you do your rematch when you can plunge attack him? If the former, run to the left side of the room and there is an escape where you will find your actual weapons and shield. If the latter, yeah you gotta kill him to progress, however with your real weapons it will be a lot easier. The plunge attack takes a large chunk out of him, and he has large windups before swinging giving you time to roll out of the way. Just stay behind him and hack at his ass until he dies.

Two quick questions about the latest patch, and I would be very grateful if someone tested it. Is the 25% decrease in miracle power corrected to be a 25% increase, and is the monastery scimitar fixed yet?

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

made a Shiva of the East build, but what should I use for the gloves? currently I’m using the thief set’s gloves.


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Why do the Alonne Knights use katanas?

This question has bugged me. The whole lore behind the Iron Keep is that it had a ton of iron. But the whole reason why katanas are made the way they are is because a) Japanese iron is shit tier and b) scarce to boot. So they had to develop a method of sword making to make the best thing they could afford with the least amount of metal possible. So why would knights from a land famous for its vast iron mines use katanas? Wouldn’t they be super decked out in full plate armor? I have two theories.

  1. The Old Iron King is a weeaboo. From the item descriptions of Iron Keep weapons, we know the Old Iron King was obsessed with having people from exotic lands visit. So maybe he was “inspired” by them and decided to make his knights like them. Old Iron King is Otacon confirmed.
  2. The Old Iron King is a greedy bastard. We also know that it was the King’s greed that pretty much destroyed his castle. He hoarded all the iron, and to show off, built a castle of the stuff, which then promptly sunk into the swamp lava. So maybe he was like Ebenezer Scrooge and was super stingy, and thus made his knights use swords made out of a bare minimum amount of metal so he could have more for himself.
((Shh, can I give you things on the PSN? Is there a gift feature? I’ll buy it for you.))
awwwwww man…thanks so much for the offer!!! that is so sweet you have no idea. seriously, you just melted my heart right there.

unfortunately I just did a quick search and no, I don’t think that is a thing for PSN (come on Sony, step up your game and be more like Steam lol) but still that you’d even offer has literally just made me feel a million times better.



Why is the Playstation Plus defaulted to auto-renewal?? I was saving that money specifically for the DLC and random other stuff I wanted to buy! Now I have fucking nothing left in my Playstation Store account. Couldn’t they have at least sent a goddamn message or something to let me know “Hey, just a heads up, your Playstation Plus is running out soon and is set to auto-renew!” So imagine my surprise coming home from a shit day at work super excited to play the new content and finding I only have 5 fucking cents left. And since college is starting soon I don’t have the extra funds now to add more money to my account anymore.

So guess who is not gonna be playing the DLC anytime soon?

WITHOUT SPOILERS, how is everyone enjoying the new DLC?

Monday, August 25, 2014

With the new patch did they fix the bug that gave miracles a 25% decrease in power instead of increase, or are they still fucked?

Crown of the Iron King spoiler

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Sunday, August 24, 2014
I imagine the armor you would use for a shiva build is Vengarls set?
I was actually thinking archdrake helmet, Alva’s armor, manikin gloves or black leather gloves, and the pyromancer pants.

Van Canto - Holding Out For a Hero (cover)

[if I were to make a Shiva build, should I go with the old knight shield or the iron parma? the iron parma is the right color, but the old knight shield is the right size.]