Sunday, August 31, 2014

when you’re invading and both you and the host are down to one hit

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Friendly reminder:

  • that if I don’t follow you back does not mean you don’t have a good blog or the cliche ‘I don’t like you’. I have so many more followers than I feel that I deserve and it’s mostly to keep my dash in shape so I don’t end up endlessly scrolling the dash and reblogging a whole bunch of shiny posts when I should be doing replies.
  • that even if I’m not currently following you (which does not mean I never will), please feel free to come rp with my muse(s)
  • that you are great and I hope you have a wonderful day! :)


Guess my muse’s turn-ons


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*suddenly realizes I have already maxed out all my save files and can’t make any more new characters without deleting old ones*

*also realizes you can wear the minotaur helmet to cosplay those twinblade guys in the King’s Passage*

*suddenly realizes that I could make a Link from OoT cosplay build that can use the Majestic Greatsword as the Big Goron Sword*

hydrus-of-zena replied to your post:///
((Did you summon not-NPCs to help and did you break all the Ashen Idols surrounding him?))
I broke the Ashen Idols, yeah, I don’t even wanna think what fighting him with those active would be like. And no, I did not summon npc summons. The moment I saw Steelheart Ellie I was like “Nope.”

Anyone wanna help me with Fume Knight? SM 1million, PS3, psn is TheValiantBob.




I am not good with ultra-greatswords/curved greatswords. Any tips?

Honestly, I’m about to start using them soon. It’s tough to use them for PVP due to having to direct them.


yeah, I have a ton of trouble getting used to that. even in pve, I have to pretty much completely take my thumb off the joystick otherwise the slightest tap will send my swing in the completely wrong direction. I can see how it would be very good in pvp if you were good at predicting your opponent, but I think I prefer normal lock-on tracking.

I am not good with ultra-greatswords/curved greatswords. Any tips?

I legitimately want to see a Doctor WhoxDark Souls crossover purely for all the “wibbly wobbly timey wimey” and “time is convoluted” jokes.