Monday, September 22, 2014

[Hey guys, I have a Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate question for those that play. On my long sword character, I’m about to do the Shakalaka Savior II mission, and I really don’t want to fight that monster without a fire weapon. Does anyone know if there are any fire long swords that are craftable at this point of the game?]

[Yesterday at work I had a random realization about Gwynevere, Seath, and the Pisaca, and I’m gonna share it with you. As we know, the Pisaca were once humans, specifically female humans, that Seath experimented on and made them into those weird tentacle things. Among the women he kidnapped were Gwynevere’s personal handmaidens, evidence from the two miracles that are dropped by two of the Pisaca.

Now here’s what always bugged me. How did Seath get away with kidnapping Gwynevere’s servants? Normal humans could kinda go unnoticed, depending on where he took them from, and not much that humans could do about it regardless since Seath was Gwyn’s super best bro. But wouldn’t Gwynevere’s personal servants raise a bit of an issue?

Well, we know that eventually the gods flee Anor Londo. This included Gwynevere. But here’s what I think happened: only the gods left. The humans were left behind, including the servants. After all, as far as the gods were concerned the humans were pretty much the biggest cause of their problems, why would they take them with them?

And so, without their patron to protect them, Gwynevere’s former handmaidens just became open season. The saddest part is that they probably believed that Gwynevere would somehow save them, since they had enough faith to hold onto her miracles, even after becoming Pisaca.]

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Message a Headcanon you have about my character and I’ll tell you how accurate you are!



Hell if it isn’t already a headcanon and is accurate, I’ll make it a headcanon.


[Headcanons are a thing of beauty]

[I’m back from work.]


[alright folks, time for me to hit the hay. won’t be much tomorrow because of work, but hey that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes. see you all eventually tomorrow!]




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    You’re over-complicating things. You cannot allow this place to dictate you. There will never be any place safer. As we speak, someone else is being torn apart somewhere. Time is distraught, you have to learn how to enjoy it while it lasts. 

   Of all the thoughts to cross her mind, she couldn’t say a single damn one. It was vexing to say the least… Anger culminating from somewhere selfish wasn’t helpful, but she had to tell him to be careful.

   "Listen here, knight — you can do whatever you want, but do not give in to those foolish ideas. You are going to die permanently one day — honor or no honor. I’ve been here for a long time. I’ve seen countless humans do this; wrestle with this apathetic attitude to justify a means to give up.” Her voice was stern, demanding even. She cared about him, but from where she was standing, he was being reckless. “If you’re going to drown yourself in constant battle, be smart about your endeavors. Don’t hand yourself to the mercy of the fates. If you want to die fighting, you come pick a fight with me and I’ll make it worth your time. But don’t you dare go throwing the man I love to the blades of passing strangers!” What began as a quiet scolding became an impassioned argument and before she realized what she was doing, she was standing up again, shaking her finger at him.


 Whoops. Too much. Entirely too, too much. If only it were possible to replace all those words to the tiny little box where they previously slept, dormant after endless waiting to be called upon.

   Wh-what I mean to say is that you need to go to sleep, because it was dumb of you to do that without taking care of yourself. I’m going to get some rest now, goodnight.” It was early in the morning, she was well aware. Without another word, she laid back down and turned away from him, hiding her humiliation to the best of her ability. She couldn’t sleep after that, but there was no way she could look at him after blurting out something so stupid.


Although Frantz wasn’t 100% certain of the time, given that he was inside, he was fairly certain that it was not nighttime. And now was not the time for Taurie to go to sleep. There were still things to discuss. And her little rant inspired a bit of rant within him.

"I admit that perhaps how I went about my mission was foolhardy, but t’is my mission. And as long as my life and my sanity is my own I shall do with my life what I please.” There was the infamous stubbornness. That iron will to ram against an obstacle and wear it down until it broke, the stubbornness that was essential for those living in such treacherous lands.

"Do not misunderstand, I cherished our time together. But you left me, did you not? How can you justify leaving with no word, no explanation, then return and try to tell me how I should spend my remaining days??” In a cruel bit of irony, it was Taurie’s own confession of love that sparked this outburst. The notion of one leaving behind those they care about, such a thing was baffling to the knight for which he could see no justification.

"You say that if I sought death in battle, then to battle with you. But how would you suggest this when you were gone??" Believe it or not, tears were now rolling down the knight’s cheeks. Unable to move, all he could do was simply lay there, and wait for Taurie’s rebuttal.


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Give my muse what your muse thinks they deserve! Whether it be a kiss, a punch, a hard spanking or anything else!

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((I have a Durgo’s hat!))
[is the character on ps3 ng? cause that is what my character is, also sm is a little over 2mil.]
Saturday, September 20, 2014

[bloodborne cosplay is almost complete, only thing missing is durgo’s hat. but that is a bitch to get, so I guess I’ll just have to live with the less cool pharis hat.]


Please ignore me not knowing how the hell a Dragonrider Greatshield is held


Please ignore me not knowing how the hell a Dragonrider Greatshield is held


Me after a murder.

"Archimedes! No! It’s filthy in there. Birds, hehuh."


Me after a murder.

"Archimedes! No! It’s filthy in there. Birds, hehuh."

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Midna Icons requested by anonymous

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