Thursday, July 31, 2014

If anyone’s looking for me I’ll be on my other blog and playing Dark Souls II for most likely the rest of the night.

Souls RP community right now: “I came out to have a good time and honestly I’m feeling so attacked right now.”

((poison spotted whip+5))
Eh, I don’t feel whips when I think “ninja,” also when it comes to poison I personally think the spotted whip needs a nerf. It’s insane. Probably same reason I won’t be using monastery scimitar on this character.
take a ton of usable Items like daggers and what not as for a head peice the regular imported hood could work or some similarly obscuring hood.
ooooh yeah! imported hood would look good! I was thinking maybe thief hood, but I like your idea more. not a big fan of the bird head thing of the shadow set or the talon pants to be honest. looks really goofy to me.

Gonna make me a poison ninja build :D

shadow armor is a given, sanctum soldier gauntlets for extra poison bonus, sanctum knight leggings for the fall control so I can do cool leaps of faith, haven’t decided on headpiece yet though.

as for weapons, dual mytha daggers, and the manslayer katana, and a parrying dagger for off hand so I can (attempt to) parry stuff.

ring’s will probably be flynn’s ring, rat crest for more poison bonus, ring of blades, and cloranthy ring.

Anyone got any other suggestions to make it better?

My dog is so confusing sometimes. Like we’ll be playing fetch and going a few rounds, and he’ll bring me the thing and I’ll throw it, but then he’ll look at me like he’s been betrayed because I “stole” his toy and threw it away from him leaving me like “Doggy I thought you wanted me to throw it it’s been what we’ve been doing for the past 10 minutes!”

Anonymous said: Psst. For good hard-boiled eggs, put them in the water first, before you start boiling it. Leave them in for 6-10 minutes, starting when the water actually starts to boil, and don't turn off the heat. When they're done, run the eggs under cold water for a minute or two.

yeah in general what I’ve been finding out is that you’re supposed to put the eggs in at the beginning and bring the pot to a boil with them in, I got it backwards and ended up with 10 blobs of egg goop :/

Since the patch, is the thief dagger worth using now? I was wanting to make a Corvo build, and thought that weapon looked closest to his sword. Also, what would be good armor for such a build? As far as I’m aware there isn’t much much that would match his jacket.

what is with all the rocky balboa posts in the dark souls ii tag recently???


Well I guess some of the eggs must’ve cracked when I first put them in because two of them kinda instantly exploded the moment I tried to pick them up with tongs. Oh well, 8/10 is good, yeah?

wait no, all the eggs came out terrible and half cooked. 0/10. fuck I can’t even make fucking hard boiled eggs I am a useless sack of shit

farming the reaper at the adjudicator’s archstone for darkmoonstone chunks and good god do they drop a ton of souls o_o

Anonymous said: Throughout his travels Frantz often hallucinates about balder, especially when he is in the Parish or Sens Fortress, even going so far as to have conversations with his hollowed brothers.

I was actually considering something like that already, but not to the extremes you’ve suggested. Mainly just when Frantz is incredibly exhausted (which considering he doesn’t sleep if he can help it that can’t bode well), super lonely, or severely wounded when his mental state wouldn’t be entirely there to begin with.

For example, the way he stayed “sane” while in the Undead Asylum for a hundred years was that the “ghost” of his friend Balduin “visited” him to keep him company. I could see Balduin’s “ghost” “visiting” Frantz on a more frequent basis though to offer encouraging advice from time to time though.

roar104 said: For dks2 what are your favorite dex, str and quality weapons? And odd weapons you like as well?


Quality is Sunlight Straight sword

Strength is Bandit Axe (for right now)

Dex is a poison Manslayer


dude the butcher’s knife is an insane str weapon now since the patch. they nerfed its base damage a little, but bumped it from an E str scaling to an A. plus it has the axe moveset, so it is still similar movewise to the bandit axe, aside from the unique r2’s it has always had

Write a Headcanon about my character

If it’s good, it will become official.


What is the more useful spell against Flamelurker, Warding or Water Veil?

Well I guess some of the eggs must’ve cracked when I first put them in because two of them kinda instantly exploded the moment I tried to pick them up with tongs. Oh well, 8/10 is good, yeah?